Wire, Cable, and Hook-Up Kits

Most projects start out as a collection of switches, microcontrollers, and breakout boards. Often it's difficult to connect your system using just jumpers and breadboards. We've compiled a collection of connectors, wire, and hook-up kits to make it easier to connect your system.

Tether Spool - Cat6 Wire

Tether Spool - Cat6 Wire

This is a 500 foot cable spool of CAT6 cable and slip ring. It is to be used for a tethered control ..

Product Code: TE-630-000

Built to Order 1-3 Weeks


Tether Spool - Fiber Optic Cable

Tether Spool - Fiber Optic Cable

This is a spool of Fiber Optic Cable with slip ring for tethered control systems. It includes the me..

Product Code: TE-630-100

Built to Order 8-16 Weeks


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